Jatt Life is an Ultra-Premium Spirits Brand who distill Vodka, Irish Whiskey and Gin. 
 "Jatt Life is an ultra-premium, aspirational drinks brand. The Jatt Life team has worked incredibly hard to create a range of ultra-premium spirits that not only taste fantastic but look amazing. Every aspect of every drink has been created with meticulous attention to detail. The spirits have been produced using only the finest ingredients and distilled through a rigorous distillation process to ensure every sip of the products tastes incredible."

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Social Media Content
Social media is a powerful marketing tool, platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow users to see what brands are offering at the tap of a finger. It captivates the viewers attention at the very first look. 
A good design has a better chance of being remembered and also if users relates to the image they may end up sharing it. So good designs equal more engagement! 

Christmas 2020 Advert

Sea Breeze Cocktail Design

Canada Release Promo Video

JL Spotted Campaign Video Animation

Jatt Life released Jatti gin in the first month of my arrival and sold out in over a week! 

Instagram Story Post

Instagram Post Advert

Super car wrap designs

The marketing benefits of a vehicle wrap could potentially reach tens of thousands of viewers per month. Making sure they're designed right is important whilst keeping the standards of an ultra - premium brand. For each design I wanted to ensure the designs looked prestigious and unique for consumers to view.  
Ford Ranger Promotional Vehicle
europe's fastest bMW M8 COMPETITION
Being headline sponsors at events means your brand has to be represented at a very high standard. When thousands of people are viewing your brand it's important to make the right first impression

5ft Bottle Stand Design

'Showfighter Benn vs Eubank' 

13th November 2021

Fightstar Championship
Cocktail Menu design
A properly designed menu can direct the attention of the consumer to specific items and increase the likelihood that those items will be ordered. I wanted to ensure that any cocktail designed by Jatt Life has an Ultra-Premium feel to it to relate back to the product. 

Showfighter Event A5 Cocktail Menu


Showfighter Event A5 Cocktail Menu


The design of the banner or poster is important because it's what draws a person's attention and focuses it on the message that is being delivered. In this case it's about making sure the customer understands whats being sold either inside a shop or at an event. 

Making sure to include brand ambassadors like Mist to help push sales of the product to taking advantage of the use of bright vibrant colours as it affects how consumers feel when they look at a brand.

Corner Shop Poster

Corner Shop Poster

Corner Shop Poster

Social Media Cards

"The Cannon Run brings a great variety of clients, unique VIP entertainment, travel and VIP luxury. All types of vehicles and personalities are catered for, we encourage anyone who loves driving to participate. No matter what you drive you will be part of a unique driving experience."

Being the headline sponsor for The Cannon Run meant that Jatt Life was being exposed as a brand on a national presence to new consumers worldwide. Designing assets to support the events helped new consumers understand what the brand meant. 
This went from Merchandise to promotional flyers 

The Cannon Run x Jatt Life Logo

The Cannon Run x Jatt Life Merchandise

Candy Club Jatt Life "Golden Tickets"

Event Promotion Poster

Social Media Countdown

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